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New Year resolutions February 1, 2007

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A Happy New Year!!

I have three resolutions for 2007. 

     First, I want to get driver’s licence because I don’t have it.  This year I become third year student and I need to the licence.  And I want to drive with my friends.  Then I want to go many places.  For example, sea, mountain and so on. 

     Second, I go on a diet and loose weight.  Now I never do exercise, so my weight has increased.  It is very bad thing for me.  So I decided to loose my weight.

     Last, I want to go trip with my friends.  I have never triped with my friends.  So I want to do it.   

     There are my resolutions.  I will try them to becom true.


New Year’s Eve plan

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     The year before last I spent time with my friends in New Year’s Eve.  After dinner I went to my friend’s house and talked with them.  Then we ate “toshikoshisoba” and watched DVDs. 

     We paied a visit to an IKUTA shrine on New Year’s Day.  It was early morning, so there are a few people.  It is good.  And we drew fortune slip.  Then we bought takoyaki, potate and  frankfurt.  We took purikura and went back to Himeji.

     We enjoyed that day.

     Last year I spent New Years Eve in my house.  I bought soba and udon.  Then I watched TV and ate them.  I didn’t go shrine.  I couldn’t go there.

     And I went back to Himeji on New Year’s Day.  I stayed my hometown during winter vacation.


Travel January 26, 2007

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I want to go to France.

Because there are a lot of tourist attractions.


France is very beautiful country.

So I will go to france in the future.


My favorite food is…? December 1, 2006

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I like Japanese food.

For example, sushi, and tempura .

But I don’t like wasabi.  It’s not delicious for me, so I don’t eat wasabi.

When I eat sushi, I say clerk “wasabinuki “So I can eat sushi deliciously.

My favorite ingredients for sushi are tuna, shrimp, bream and so on.

I prefer kaitensushi bar to sushibar.  Because it’s cheaper than sushibar.

Recently I don’t eat sushi, so I want to eat it. 

Next I tell you about tempura.

Tempura is fry of meat, fish and shellfish and vegetables.

I eat them with grated radish and sauce dip. 

They are delicious. 

Especially I like shrimp, pumpkin, lotus root and chikuwa.

I like them very much.

Japanese food is very good. 


A little about myself

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My name is Haruka. 

I’m 20 years old.

My birthday is July 9th. 

My hobbies are listening to music, cooking and watching TV.   

 I live in Amagasaki.

I have 2 hamsters.  They are very cute.

I like animals very much.


About me!! October 27, 2006

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   My name is Haruka.  I am 20 years old.  I am college student.  I study English, Japanese and psychology.  There are 6 people in my family.  They are grandfather, grandmother, mother, brother, me and sister.
   I was born in Himeji, but I live in Amagasaki alone now.  However I have 2 hamsters.   They are very cute.  So I am not lonely.
   My hobbies are watching TV,  reading books, shopping  and listening to music.  I like remioromen now. Their songs are very good. 

   I like Japanese food.  For example, sushi, tenpura,  udon and so on. 


Hello world! September 29, 2006

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